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Ginny's Halogen Convention Oven

Ginny's Halogen Convention Oven

$ 60.00 $ 109.95

ITEM INFO: Ginny's Brand Halogen Convection Oven uses 3 cooking methods for fast (and delicious) results: Halogen heat (for instant heat to temperature that browns, sears and seals in the juices) Convection fan (moves air around to speed up cooking time and heat evenly, so everything is cooked to perfection) Infrared light (penetrating waves that cook food from the inside out). It bakes, broils, roasts, toasts, grills, steams, browns, air fries and reheats—you can even cook frozen foods without defrosting or preheating. Because it heats to temperature almost instantly (and cooks faster) it's energy-efficient, too. The 12-qt. heavy-duty tempered glass bowl comes with: 2 chromed wire racks to cook 2 dishes at once. Tempered glass lid that keeps heat and moisture sealed inside. Convenient metal lid rest. Everything (except the motor base and heating element) is dishwasher safe. 1300 watts, with a heat range of 257-482°. Includes recipes. 13" diam. x 12 1/2" h.
QUANTITY AVAIL: 1 or more.
TERMS: This item is located in our St.Louis Area Market, please call or text (618) 353-4359 to schedule a time for pickup.
ITEM: T-25- #E-1659

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