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Earthwise 18" Electric Snow Blower

Earthwise 18" Electric Snow Blower

$ 125.00 $ 199.99

ITEM INFO: Ready for the next snowfall? With the Earthwise Electric 18" Snow Blower, you'll remove snow from paved surfaces the smart, easy way! Say goodbye to the backaches of old-fashioned snow shovels…and the maintenance, difficult start-ups and fumes of gas-powered snow removers. Just plug these babies in, press start and push! The 18" Electric Snow Blower moves up to 700 lbs. of snow per minute (pounds you won't have to lift, twist and throw!). Its 13.5 amp motor clears a path that's 18" w and 12" d, throwing snow up to 30'. Point its 180? directional shoot where you want snow to go. Rubber coated, steel auger removes snow right down to the surface without causing damage. And since it's only 31 lbs. with a convenient lift handle, you can take it up steps and onto your deck patio or deck. 18 1/2" l x 48" w x 40" h.
QUANTITY AVAIL: 1 or more.
TERMS: This item is located in our St.Louis Area Market, please call or text (618) 353-4359 to schedule a time for pickup.
ITEM: T-47- #E-1743

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